August 23, 2016

History of La Kantera

Txus Dominguez, 1988

by Txus Dominguez


I remember i was in school, in 2nd year of primary school. It was 1974. A kid from my class, Vidal, came with a red Sancheski of number 2. It was definitely that day`s revolution. We took turns to get a ride on that gizmo, as since we were very little, we used to run on ¨goitiberas¨: four sticks put together, with truck bearings, to run down the slopes.

Few months after that we got our parents buy us great sancheskis, a 2 one for you and a 3 one for me as i was older (i was 8, you were 6).

Since then, we spent every day on the “Sancheski”, which is, as everybody knows, the real name for what we now call skate. We got easily to stand on it, started soon to loosen the rubber bands so it would turn more and better on slopes.  



It was the 70`s, in Getxo , Euskadi , Europe. Surfing culture was at its peak and thanks to Sancheski company, born in the Basque Country in 1965, pioneer in Europe, there were also lots of skaters. Thanks to those first skates and Getxo`s famous and multiple slopes, the Getxo-boys were formed. A huge skaters-surfers family who let their footprint forever. Million of slopes, skid-marks, road waves that made possible the creation of home-made crazy ramps by the end of the decade and beginning of the 80`s. A non stop revolution until La Kantera was built in 1987. An amazing place were an spectacular skate movement was created as a referent in Spain, boosting great European and world level riders.
Amazing slopes along the big slope down to the skatepark, a million of wild pool parties at one of the most effervescent skateboarding spots in Europe.
Years later and immersed in a deep economic crisis, in 2000 the famous pool was built.

It has given La Kantera that enchanting touch, magic and unique. It is a pool designed with the idea of being the most similar thing to a real pool, kidney form, with floor tiles, strong salowend but skateable and a fast and tight deep-end make of this pool of La Kantera , an authentic pool where lots of international competitions start to happen.
It is now, when EUSKALTEL LA KANTERA PRO presented by VOLCOM, wants to go back to the essence of pure skateboarding by creating a serious and mature event that attracts best masters and pros (men and women) from all over the world.
The contest will have a 100% pool style format, with a clear sound of floor tile, where we will judge as in a pool contest, keeping the essence of the lines, paying attention to those who touch the most difficult corners of the pool, looking for style, speed, without repeating, making the most difficult tricks and aerials with flow.
All this, added to this beautiful place where LA KANTERA is built, in the Bay of Abra, in a beautiful beach and surrounded by the ruins of a strongpoint where the walls still can be seen, dressing this skatepark by the sea, creating such an incredible atmosphere. That`s why, this year we are going to make an unique event which can only get better in a future by inviting best skateboarders on the world to come and destroy the pool of La Kantera!
                                                                                        Ongi etorri!!